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3 Comments on “ANA were today asked to comment on Andrea Leadsom’s thoughts about male childcare workers!”

  1. Vicci Rees
    I think the opportunity needs to be opened up to families and other settings to chose and for men to enter the world of child care in what ever capacity they choose. If men were given this opportunity then children who potentially don't have a man in their life can learn to respect men as well women!
  2. Margare
    I really do think that you have expressed a lot of the frustrations that surround childcare especially within the 'family home ‘environment. With on line recruitment in child care the standards seem to have dropped. When I came and spoke to your agencies at the meeting of minds i said that a person would not ask someone to come off the street to cut their hair- so why do parents allow someone without any background in childcare to look after their children often for long hours? There is never a fail save way in any profession but nannies hold a very responsible post so the basics should be in place and checkable. 1. Some training - and many forms are now available it is no longer a reason I can’t afford full time college. Every training aspect is available 2. DBS- without fail 3. First aid- a must 4. Checkable references. So it is important the 4 above matters are in place and this shows it’s not just a job but a vocation and career path. Reputable nanny agencies are very good at interviewing and checking nannies. They often get to know nannies over the years so have a history with them. A good agency will check all the above and work with others who offer training, DBS checks and first aid. Children are precious and who ever looks after them male or female must be able to care for them in a professional manner with all the assurances parents can source.

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